Posted by Graham D. Pearson PHF
Program Recap - June 18th, 2018
Bessborough Hotel
Following a thought provoking Grace elegantly delivered by Claire, President Mark convened his final regular meeting of his term.

His announcements included:

- The President's Dinner will be held next Monday, June 2nd, in lieu of our regular meeting, at the Saskatoon Club commencing at 6PM. Please see Paul G. for tickets.

- There will be no regular meetings in July following a Board review, but we will have a social meeting on Wednesday, July 25th, in the evening. More details will follow but the event planned will be a steak night, with visitors and guests invited. Net proceeds will go to the Becas program.
The event will include all five clubs, with the Army and Navy club being chosen as the venue. Entertainment is being planned.

- August 13th and 27th will be the only two regular meetings that month

- Our Rotary International dues get paid July 1, so we need an accurate membership number by then. Please pay your dues if you haven't already
- Grocery card sales are doing well thanks to Gary R. Starting with 1300 remaining to be sold, Gary sold them all before the meeting ended!!

- The Rotary Merger Survey was reported on by Dave S. Of note was the liability issue that exists right now for our club as we are not incorporated. Amalgamation would solve this as the core entity would be incorporated. Also our Charitable Trust would operate more efficiently across all five clubs

- The Nutana Rib Fest is upcoming. Will provides the following details:
"The Nutuna Club really needs Rotary volunteers for the Ribfest.   The dates will be Friday August 3rd through Sunday August 6th.   Shifts are generally four hours in length.   We have asked the Nutana club to concentrate our volunteers as much as possible at the forward drink/corn tent so we can have an opportunity for club fellowship.   Please let Will Arscott know if you can be available.    Those of us who worked in past years had a very good time.   The project supports the very worthwhile projects of the Nutana Rotary Club."
- A World Community Service meeting will be held June 20, 8AM at the Saskatoon Club

Our Program today was a Club Assembly to wrap up the Rotary Year. The Directors reported as follows:

Treasurer Wayne S. outlined our strong cash position, helped in part by the good sales efforts on the grocery cards. He offered a well presented breakdown of the main Club financial engines showing that the Club is in great shape financially. The members gave a round of applause to 
Wayne saying "thanks" for his many years of service in this demanding role. He truly is an unsung hero.

Local Club Service was addressed by Steve W. which includes RAP, the King George school project, Friendship Inn service and Adventures in Technology (AIT). AIT generated a profit of $1,400 this year. Steve would like to see more emphasis put on RYLA and the Youth Exchange programs in coming years.

World Community Service was covered by Mark who outlined the core focusses and financial support provided to Joys Home of Hope ($4000 for solar lighting), Malawi ($4000 for a youth agriculture program) and the Becas scholarship program (repayable scholarships have resulted in  $4,500 being paid back into the program, making it more self-propagating).

Our PR committee is led by Bev J. Currently an updated strategy is being created with a September strategic planning session offering key input.

Mike G.'s report on the Foundation was given by Paul G. in Mike's absence.  A total of $13,000 was given by our Foundation to Polio Plus this year! September 15th, Saturday marks our joint planning session for the five Clubs. Speaker Ken Theissen will direct a Leadership Training

Paul also spoke to the RAP program, celebrating its 15th anniversary at the AGM. As well the 
Badge Shield and Star dinner generated an outstanding $69,465 profit this great year!! Paul made special note to thank Joanne F. for her tireless efforts with this event. (Welcome back Joanne. Glad you are feeling on the mend and congratulations on your promotion.)

Club administration was addressed by Wayne P who reported no significant changes.

Program director Dave S. identified that he would like better speakers but our numbers are too small sometimes to attract really top speakers. Amalgamation may help with this issue. Gary R is our new program director and identified that some clubs share this duty.

Membership Director Jim W. reported that Rotary membership growth in the developed world growth is negative!  In Developing countries however there is positive member growth. One of Jim's ideas is to speak to more seniors about Rotary. He sees this as an untapped resource versus pursuing 30 year olds. For example we need more help in administration so we could look for people with this type of background.

We closed with Happy Dollars:
  • Wayne M. for the riders win, seconded by Mark
  • Clair for his big event 60th anniversary big event and for and two sons and now grandson being all CPA’s
  • Gary R. for all the grocery cards being sold out and his 50th anniversary
  • Paul G. for his 45th anniversary
  • Joanne for being back to work and her new role at the Bank. She is also participating in the Ovarian Cancer Walk in September and is looking for sponsors
  • Will for his return from hernia surgery and potential impacts in pulling in fish
  • Al M. for his visit with his daughter
  • Gary E for his nephew's Stanley Cup win with the Capitals
  • Wayne M. for the fishing trip
  • Graham for an upcoming family reunion in Penticton
The meeting adjourned with resounding congratulations to President Mark for an outstanding year.