Milestone Completed for Locally-Started Project
11 Years, an $80,000 grant, and we're just getting started!

In October 2022, our Rotary Club of Saskatoon finally completed the projects supported by an $80,000 Rotary Global Grant focussed on providing safe drinking water and basic education to improve the lives of these orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda!

Part of the Joy's Home of Hope project started by Club's our own Maureen Torr in 2011, more details on this project's beginnings and future can be found below.

In 2011 Maureen Torr, a member of our Rotary Club of Saskatoon and a native of Uganda, proposed a new international project to our Club – Joy’s Home of Hope.  It was to establish a formal orphanage to take care of the large number of orphans in her home community in Uganda. 

This started with the construction of a new building to house the children (up to 200 at some times).  As the years progressed and Maureen expanded her fundraising to other groups, they added a school, bore wells, water holding tanks, a corn mill and more. 


In 2019, Maureen, assisted by Rotarian Earl Newton, applied for a Rotary Global Grant for Joy’s Holistic Health Project.  Through tis Rotary Global Grant process, a donation of $10,000 from the 5 Rotary Clubs of Saskatoon was multiplied by matching grants from Rotary District 5550 (Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western Ontario), Rotary International and the government of Canada. 

The result was $80,000 available for this project which focussed on providing safe drinking water and basic education to improve the lives to these orphans and vulnerable children. 


This global grant was finally completed in the fall of 2022. 

More details on this project can be found on the following power point presentation HERE.