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Feb 07, 2022
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Bulletin Editor
Avis Hardy MPH
January 24, 2022
‘O’ Canada was played virtually, and Graham Pearson gave the blessing.  
President Mark was the Chair of our meeting.
Our meeting was in two parts, the first as reported below and the second, our Annual General Meeting, whose minutes will be reported separately.
  • $ 20.00 President Mark happily anticipated his trip to Hawaii.
  • $ 20.00 Prem is happy to have a water filtration system approved in Nepal.
  • $ 5.00 Avis is sad her daughter hurt her foot.
  • $ 100.00 Graham Pearson is happy that the family is healthy with no Covid, with the fund-raising committee meeting from the previous week, and that they found a fenced off dog park near their home.
  • $ 20.00 Gary Rusu announced the passing of Clare Heagy’s wife, Vangie.
  • $ 20.00 The funeral for Vangie was memorable with a moving Eulogy from sons and a grandson.
President Mark:
Public Image is launching a program where we are asked to prepare a short, approximately two-minute video, speaking about Rotary. There was a January 31st deadline for this, and it will appear on the website.
World Community Service - at the last committee meeting the surplus funds of $5,500.00 remaining were designated as follows: $2,500.00 to Joy’s Home for a corn mill, and $3,000.00 for a water filtration system.
Happy and Sad Dollars can be designated by us to the fund of our choice, but we are asked to stay with that choice for at least 6 months to make this easier to monitor.
Gary Rusu:
We have been asked to serve at the Friendship Inn on February 14 because they are short of volunteers that day. It was decided after the meeting that we would change our next regular meeting date from February 14 to February 7 so we can volunteer on February 14. To volunteer contact Gary.
Brenda Banbury:
Brenda and any of us willing to assist her hopes to cumulatively walk and /or run 1500 km and Eva Vida, the district foundation chair, will bike 2500 km. We will be needing sponsors and the goal is to raise funds for the foundation and to ‘virtually’ visit all the clubs in our province. On a PR front we need to blow our own horn so that more people hear about rotary.
- reported by Steve Wilson
February 7, 2022, via Zoom. Presenter is Marc Cheriyan.