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Apr 11, 2022
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Apr 25, 2022
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May 09, 2022
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Bulletin Editor
Avis Hardy MPH
March 28,2022
Held at the Saskatoon Club with a ZOOM alternative.
President Mark was the Chair of our meeting, and he opened the meeting with a moment of silence in memory of Clare Heagy, who passed away on the weekend.
We listened to a recording of the Ukrainian National Anthem sung by Amelia Anisovych and Gary Rusu gave the blessing in which he mentioned giving support to Ukraine to help them defend their homeland.
Avis Hardy asked Marc Cheriyan to introduce the three guests from VIDO. Wayne Palmer was cashier. Technology provided by Paul Gauthier and Mark Gryba. Marc Cheriyan introduced the presenter, Andrew Van Castle.
  • Marc Cheriyan gave $10 in gratitude for our club’s $5,000 contribution, through the Salvation Army, to the Ukrainian people and another $10 because his daughter was in a cabaret (play) at her high school, Evan Hardy.
  • Graham Pearson gave $200 for the $5,000 contribution and for his son James’35th birthday, which the family will be celebrating in person.
  • Peter Whitenect gave $20 in honour of Clare Heagy, who was his friend dating back to 1982 when Clare helped the YMCA board through financial hard times. They also jogged together for years.
  • Al Morton gave $10 as his doctor retired after 30 years and it took him about two weeks to find a new one who looks too young to be a doctor.
  • Jennie gave $10 for her husband, whose treatment for cancer has been successful. She thanked us for our prayers, and she said she is happy to have her husband back.
  • Gary Rusu gave $25 for Clare and $25 for the contribution to Ukraine.
  • Mark Gryba gave $25 for Clare and $25 for having our meeting in person.
  • Jim Weber gave $100 for Clare and for the Husky Women’s Basketball who earned a bronze medal in a year where they were not expected to do so well.
  • Tim Squire gave $20 because Canada’s men’s soccer team made the World Cup and another $30 because he is not permitted to enter the Master’s Golf Pool, being one of the organizers.
The Victoria Park Community Centre project will be going ahead, and the plans have reverted to demolishing the building. This should not change the timetable though, which will be this fall for completion.
Saskatoon has agreed to host the District Conference 2023. The planning committee will be chaired by Brenda Banbury and Ruth Merritt. Other members of the committee are Steve Wilson, Mark Gryba, Dale Worrall of Riverside, and Asit Sarkar of Nutana. This is not a 5 club or a Presidents’ Council undertaking but rather a collection of individuals from our clubs working together with the district committee. The district puts together the agenda and speakers.
We need the planners initially and then at the time of the conference we need additional people to cover duties on that weekend.
The 2022 District Conference will be virtual by Zoom, held over two evenings May 5th at 6:00 about child poverty, and on May 14th at 6:00 pm with special entertainment followed by a presentation on climate change. Registration for the Conference can be completed on the District 5550 website.
The vests for the St John Ambulance Therapy Dogs will be presented on Thursday, March 31st at 4:00 pm at the Western Development Museum.  Several of the teams of dogs and handlers, will be at our meeting on May 9th.
Joeline Magill from Hope Restored Saskatoon will be speaking to us on May 30 to tell us about their program. This is the organization that we recently partnered with which helps young women and girls get out of trafficking. We will present them with a cheque at that meeting.
Steve confirmed that the entry forms for the Master’s Golf Pool have been sent out through club runner with Wayne Palmer’s help. The important thing is to contact friends and family who are interested in golf, even if you are not.
The Spring Raffle is on hold for the moment, waiting for the Golf Pool to be completed.
Marc Cheriyan told us that we will be having a Blanket Ceremony and we need at least 20 interested people to hold it. It is a powerful ceremony which should be experienced to learn more about the indigenous peoples’ history. You can sign up either with Marc or Mark.
Marc Cheriyan introduced our guest speaker, Andrew Van Castle of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO).
Their organization has built an 1800 square foot high containment facility on the University of Saskatchewan campus. The company has a history of working with livestock as well as wild animals. In their facility they can study how a virus is contracted, the progress of the disease, and possible treatment.
Their long history, skills, and body of work, allows them to work on Covid 19. They have 25 scientists, and there are 14 on their board of directors, with livestock experts and vaccine experts both represented.
Their philosophy is One Health which means health for people and animals both, helping to create a healthy planet.
They were the first to isolate the Covid 19 virus in Canada and they have completed Phase One of a clinical trial of a vaccine developed here. They are looking at Uganda for the Phase Two trial and project that the vaccine would be used as a boost for the previously vaccinated.
An interesting piece of information came out during questions. The bat, where the virus apparently originated, does not get sick but they are host for the live virus.
When Mr. Van Castle completed his presentation, Doug Richardson, a retired lawyer, told us the containment facility is the third largest in the world. They need influencers to continue raising awareness of their work and we are asked to make a modest contribution. Their goal is $20 Million over two years and they have raised $8 Million so far.
April 11, 2022, in person and through Zoom. The presenter is Hilary Gough from City Council presenting on Community Safety and Wellness.
Reported by Steve Wilson