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Jun 27, 2022
President's Dinner
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Bulletin Editor
Avis Hardy MPH
MEETING RECAP - 13 June 2022
Submitted by Will Arscott 
Guest Presenter: Brenna Sych from the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Program
This meeting was held in person at the Saskatoon Club. We were joined by Tim Squires and Graham Pearson on the Zoom option. President Mark was our MC. Cashier was Wayne Palmer.  Technology was handled by Mark Gryba and Paul Gauthier.  Thanks to Avis Hardy for setting up the roster. Greeter was Jack Brodsky.
We began with sung ‘O’ Canada.  Gary is rapidly becoming an old hand at leading us in the anthem. The blessing was asked by Al Morton who started with a quotation from Prime Minister Lester Pearson on the importance of seeking peace in our world.
Visitors and Guests
Our only guest was our presenter, Brenna, who was introduced later in the program.
Health of the Club
No report. 
Rotary Club of Saskatoon Lottery: This was spoken to by both President Mark and by Jim Weber.  Mark spoke about the importance of all members becoming involved in the fundraising projects.  We are now a club of only about 30 members, and we need everyone to contribute to have a successful project.  Jim reported that the tickets would be available for sale as soon as the licensing was completed.  A sample list of some very exciting travel prizes from another club was passed around at the meeting as an example of what we could try to get for prizes.  Jim is still looking for some prizes in the $500 to $700 range.  Golf or hotel packages would be most welcome.  Specifically, we are looking for a prize or two that would be of particular interest to women.  A spa package might be a good example. Thanks to Jim, Paul Gauthier, and Tim Squires for their work in shepherding this project.
U.S. Open Golf Pool: This is the second golf pool and tickets are available. By the time this Rotateller is published the players will have teed off and tickets will no longer be available. This project has the potential to raise as much as $10,000 if it is fully supported.
Board Meeting: The last meeting of the year will take place on Wednesday June 22 by Zoom.  President Mark announced that Will Arscott will be taking over Marc Cheriyan’s position as program director. Welcome back to the Board, Will!  Mark emphasized that the program director is a coordinator position and that it is the responsibility of all club members to suggest presenter names and help develop programs for our meeting.
District Conference: The Saskatoon Rotary Clubs are hosting the 2023 conference. An organizing committee has been set up and this will be a traditional in- person conference. Our club rep will be Steve Wilson. Please contact him if you can help.
Our last meeting of the year – our President’s Dinner - will take place on Monday, June 27.  It will be a supper meeting rather than lunch, and as usual, spouses or significant others are also invited to attend. Please let President Mark know if you can attend as we need to give numbers to the Saskatoon Club.
Grocery Cards:  Please see Donna Gauthier and be prepared for the July long weekend. Please contact her to order your cards. They can be ordered now to be available at the next meeting or they can be delivered. 
Happy and Sad Dollars
  • Tim Squires $50 happy for the ‘Riders win and for son who graduated from the U of S with distinction and received a significant scholarship towards his masters.
  • Gary Rusu $54 happy dollars for his 54th anniversary of marriage to Marjorie.  He also added $2.09 sad dollars for gas prices.
  • Jack Brodsky $200H for not being here for the dinner and able to match Graham.
  • Graham Pearson $200H for the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Program and not to be outdone by Jack.
  • Elaine Zakreski $200H noted how good a job Gary is doing leading us in ‘O’ Canada.
  • Will Arscott put in $20 for two events in which he is taking part. The first is the second installment of the Saskatoon Concert Bands celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Anniversary. This is free and will take place at River Landing on Wednesday evening June 22 at 6:45pm. It will feature an aboriginal drum circle.   The second event is the Summer Players’ production of the Dolly Parton musical 9 to 5 at Persephone. This starts June 26 and runs through July 3rd.  Will says it will be a fun escape that we can all enjoy.
  • Mark Gryba $50 general happy dollars just for being happy.
The Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Program with Brenna Sych
Brenna was introduced as the new development and communications director of the Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Program (SHIP). She was born and raised in Saskatoon and is a graduate of the U of S. She is now pursing an advanced degree from Athabasca University.
The goal of the SHIP program is to help individuals and families that would have trouble obtaining quality affordable housing. Their program is a holistic program. On one side they work with individuals who would have problems finding housing. In many cases, there is a need for additional services such as addiction counselling and mental health services.  In this regard the SHIP program works with groups such as the Friendship Inn and the Tribal Council. It is estimated that up to 85% of the people in Saskatoon who suffer homelessness are of indigenous descent. The goal is to provide ‘wrap-around’ support which will allow people to maintain a more stable housing situation.
The second major area is to work as a facilitator between government agencies and builders supplying low-cost housing to the Saskatoon market. The city has created the Homelessness Action Plan which provides a basis for much of this work.  Much of the funding for new construction comes from the Federal Government. In the last year, for which numbers have been published (2020), there were about 475 homeless people in Saskatoon. New numbers will be finalized soon, and that number has grown over the pandemic.
Brenna was thanked by President Mark. In recognition, the regular donation will be made to Bethany Homes.
Next Meeting is the President’s Dinner on June 27, 2022