The purpose of Becas Scholarship Program is to provide the children of very poor families in the Puerto Vallarta area with the chance of a good education thus enabling them to have a better standard of living than has been available to most of their families.

The program began in 1996 when members of Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur noticed that many bright young students were dropping out of school at age 12 after completing grade 6. In the first year of the program, 10 scholarships were donated to deserving students. We now have more than 500 students sponsored by friends and Rotarians from Mexico, Canada, and the USA. Students are now sponsored through to the end of University!  In addition, more students have been identified who qualify for the program, and there is a waiting list of approximately 150 students. As a result, we are continually looking for new sponsors.
Funds are intended for the purchase of school uniforms and footwear, textbooks, school supplies and the payment of school-related fees. The requested amounts do not cover all the student’s expenses but, in most cases, it is enough to allow the family to keep the child in school. A number of sponsors do give their students extra money every year to assist with school-related expenses. Scholarship Amounts are Junior High School - $300 USD per year; Senior High School - $350 USD per year; University - $400 USD per year.
2022 Scholarship Recipients