In 2008, Elaine and Peter Zakreski from Saskatoon vacationed in five African Countries; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. As they travelled through these countries they marvelled at the spectacular waterfalls, dramatic landscape, animals and beauty of the country.
However, they also saw and were moved by the sight of children without parents, shelter and in many instances without food. They encountered a population with limited resources, restricted access to health care and few educational opportunities. But they also saw the boundless potential to become self-sufficient.
On their flight home from Nairobi to London Elaine miraculously met a person from Malawi, Arica, who shared much information on challenges facing communities in Africa and in particular her home community in the Domasi Region of Malawi. As Elaine and Peter continued their flight home they determined to help to the best of their ability. Upon arriving home and relating their experiences to friends, many offered to financially help; however, there was no ability to provide receipts for tax purposes. A colleague of Peter suggested an approach to the Rotary Club of Saskatoon who, through their World Services Committee, could provide support and issue tax receipts. The approach was made and a partnership was formed. Subsequently, both Elaine and Peter have become active members of the Rotary Club of Saskatoon and continue to receive financial support from the Club and its members. Elaine and Peter have now established their own charity, Hope for Malawi Foundation Inc., and are registered with Revenue Canada.
Elaine and Peter continue to work very closely with local communities in Malawi on behalf of donors such as the Rotary Club of Saskatoon and many of its members. Needs are determined by leadership at the local level and presented to Hope for Malawi Foundation for adjudication and financial support. To date support has been provided in the provision of; a medical clinic; seven early childhood schools; numerous boreholes; piped water; maize mills; tuck shops; bakeries; funeral insurance program; library; ag business support; post-secondary scholarships; and much more.
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