The Rotary Club of Saskatoon has a partnership with King George Community School located in the inner-city of Saskatoon through the development of their community room, Christmas market and reading program.

The school was built in 1912 and is located within an affordable community close to the South Saskatchewan River and downtown Saskatoon.  The school has about 150 students, with approximately 65% of aboriginal ancestry, and includes many other multi-cultural backgrounds.

King George has a Community School Coordinator and is a hub for educational, social, recreational and cultural activities for the King George neighbourhood. Through our partnership, the Rotary Club of Saskatoon provided funding and hands-on support to build a community room in the school and purchase a drum and teepee for cultural activities at the school.  The community room has become a hub for the families in the neighbourhood.

Since 2015 The Rotary Club of Saskatoon has also hosted an annual Christmas market in late December.  We collect items for the market throughout the fall to provide the kids with an opportunity to “shop” for gifts for their families.  Rotary volunteers spend the day in a morning or afternoon shift to help the kids shop and wrap gifts for their families.  This is a fun and rewarding day.