The Victoria Park Recreation Facility

The Rotary Club of Saskatoon is thrilled to announce that, with the help of our Club's $40,000 Centennial Fund donation, the Victoria Park Recreation Facility is nearing completion, providing a space that will foster food security, cultural programming, and recreational opportunities for all!

Learn more about our newest project and discover the difference we're making together by reading more below!

As part of our club's continued work in supporting our community’s well-being and resilience, the Rotary Club of Saskatoon is honored to have allocated $40,000 from our centennial anniversary funds to the development of the Victoria Park Recreation Facility.
This initiative arose from a group of core community organization's desire for a new facility that could act as a central hub for fostering food security, cultural enrichment, and recreational activities accessible to individuals of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
The funds for this donation, earmarked from our Club's centennial celebration in 2017, symbolize our commitment to making a lasting impact on the community we serve. By supporting the new Victoria Park Recreation Facility, we are not just building a structure; we are laying the foundation for a future where community volunteers and non-profit agencies can collaborate to manage an inclusive space.
The facility's amenities, including a commercial kitchen and gathering areas, are designed to support these ambitious objectives, ensuring that our contribution goes beyond mere financial support to foster a thriving, resilient community.  For example, this space will act as a training center for CHEP's askîy project—an urban agriculture internship that bridges cultural gaps and educates both Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth on sustainable food practices, environmental care, and social entrepreneurship.
The new facility stands as a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together. It serves as a hub for food production, educational programs, and community events, embodying our vision for a more inclusive, educated, and sustainable community. Join us as we continue to nurture this vibrant space, cultivating not just the land, but a stronger, more connected community for all.

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