MEETING RECAP - 27th February 2023
Submitted by Will Arscott 
Getting Started on ClubRunner with ADG Candace Odishaw
The meeting was held in the Dining Room at the Saskatoon Club. We had good attendance and were joined by Jim Weber and Jack Brodsky on Zoom. Our MC for the meeting was President Steve. Greeter was Kent Smith-Windsor. Cashier was Wayne Palmer. The meeting began members singing ‘O’ Canada. The blessing was asked by Avis Hardy who borrowed a grace from Dr. Webster a Rotarian from Jamaica. The blessing reminded us to stay rooted in the Four Way Test.   
Visitors and Guests
The guests were introduced by Kent Smith-Windsor. Present were Jeff Parker from the North Club Don Lepp.  Both were guests of Gary Rusu.  Jeff is working with Gary and Meg Schmieder on sponsorships for the District Conference. Don Lepp would make an excellent prospective member for our club. Earle Newton of the North Club was also present, but he is such a regular part of our meetings he was taken for granted and not introduced. He did bring great news which you can reader under announcements.
Health of the Club
The club recognized the passing of our member Dr. Don Somers. Gary Rusu spoke on Don’s passing. Don was a long-term member of the club since 1981. He served as our president in the 1990-91 Rotary year. Don was involved in many Saskatoon Projects including the development of the amphitheater at River Landing. He also participated in an investment club that included several of our members. The club’s condolences go to Don’s partner Georgie and his daughter Marnee and son Jon. As below, many members stood and recognized Don’s passing.
The District Conference is on in Saskatoon May 11 to 14. The events are centered at the Travelodge as is the gala dinner. There will also be a dinner Friday at Wanuskewin with a maximum attendance of 150 people. Those who purchase the full package will be confirmed for attendance at this dinner. This conference will also feature an opportunity for hands-on community service. Gary is encouraging our members to be involved particularly when there will be no hotel costs. Registration is now open at Please consider attending at least part of this year’s event.
There will be an inter-club social event on the afternoon of Saturday March 25 at the Saskatoon Bridge Club. The Bridge Club is on Arlington very near the Eastview Bowl and the Nutana Legion. It will be a games night beginning at 3:30 pm and ending at 8:30. There is a potluck supper involved so bring something you enjoy eating and enjoy the great offerings of others. You can play the games available at the club or even bring you own. It would be good to see our members participate. There will be a nominal charge of $10 per person.
Earle Newton read a letter from Jessica Beltman of the Rotary Foundation. The letter confirms the Foundation Grant to the Joy’s Project has been finalized. She thanked all the people at both ends of the project for their very hard and persistent work. Earle and Maureen should be recognized for their unwavering commitment to this project.
Donna Gauthier has grocery cards. This is an important club fundraiser so please order your cards from Donna.
Happy and Sad Dollars
  • Gary Rusu put in $100H for the involvement of Don Lupul and Jeff in sponsoring the District Conference.  As noted previously he also spoke about Don Somers’ legacy.
  • Mark Gryba began by also noting the passing of. Don Somers. He put in $100H for son Curtis. This was in two parts. First, Curtis was recognized by being nominated in the business builder category for an NSBA award. Second, Curtis is to be married. This will not likely happen till 2024 but it is still great news. The club knows Curtis for the time he spoke at our meeting.
  • Jack Brodsky put in $200S for Don Somers. Don was a long-time and vocal Blades fan.   Jack will also miss Don at investment club.
  • Paul Gauthier put in $100S for Don Somers. Don was involved in the early days of RAP and was instrumental in getting the program off the ground.
Induction of New Members Meg Schmieder and Kent Smith-Windsor
With the passing of Don Somers, it felt particularly great to welcome two new members to our club. Both have been mentioned in recent Rotatellers. Kent served a long term with the Saskatoon Downtown Partnership and the Chamber of Commerce. Meg is relatively new to Saskatoon and is employed by ShelterBox Canada. Meg was presenter at our last meeting.  
President Steve read the usual induction. It emphasizes that both were chosen to be members of the Rotary Club of Saskatoon. By becoming members, they not only belong to our club but become members of the worldwide Rotary fellowship. We welcome both.
Meg and Kent received their Rotary pins and their certificate and membership packages from Avis Hardy.
Program: Getting Started with ClubRunner - ADG Candace Odishaw
President Steven introduced ADG Candace Odishaw. She is well known to our members. It would be difficult to find anyone as involved with Rotary as Candace. She is president of the Nutana Rotary Club as well as an Assistant District Governor. We were lucky to have Candace in attendance as she very involved in getting the District Convention ready. Candace has a special interest in Rotary’s literacy programs. In her spare time Candace holds a fulltime job.
Part of the purpose of Rotary is to have members interact with one another both socially and in business. If a member needs widgets, it is hoped they will go to a fellow Rotarian who is in the widget business. This requires that contact information is shared within the fellowship.   Traditionally, the five Rotary clubs have published a spiral-bound directory of the members of the five clubs. This publication took significant effort and was always out of date even as it was published. Your scribe has several old directories in his desk, and it is always a little depressing to look at them to see how many members have left or passed away. ClubRunner will replace these directories and solve some of the obvious shortcomings.
Candace began by asking members to take out their cellphones. This is likely the first- and only-time members will be encouraged to look at their cellphones during meeting time. Your scribe will try a short summary of the process of getting ClubRunner up and running on your device:
  1.  Go to your app store and search for the ClubRunner application. This application is available from the Apple store or the standard android app stores. It is available at a price our members can afford (free!).
  2. Download the application.
  3. Once the download is completed you should find a new icon on your phone. It appears as a blue rounded box with the letters ‘CR.’
  4. When you bring up the app it will ask you for your username and password. For our club members your information was set up with a username of first name(dot)last name.  (An example would be will.arscott) Enter your username.    
  5. If you have a ClubRunner password, you can enter it and start the app. Most members do not have a password, so they need to go to ‘re-set password.’ The password reset requires you to enter your email and then you will be sent a code to let you enter the system.
  6. You will get into our club site directly from the email and will be asked to put in a password of your choice and confirm the password. You must also authorize the program to use ‘cookies’ on your device.
  7. This will take you to our club website where you need to sign on to the members area using your user name and the password you created.
  8. START EXPLORING! For further help please contact Paul Gauthier.
Candace was thanked by President Steve and the regular donation will be made to Bethany homes.    
Then next meeting is on March 6.  Guest speaker will be Alisha Esmail and she will present on the running of an environmentally and socially responsible business.
Induction of Meg Schmieder and Kent Smith-Windsor