Posted by Graham D. Pearson PHF
Program Recap - March 26, 2018
Bessborough Hotel
John D. delivered a thoughtful blessing, nicely seguing into the Rotary theme of Service Above Self. We are fortunate to have John's Clerical calling and training in our Club!
There were no guests today, although the turnout was impressive for the time of year.
President Mark kicked things off with several announcements:
  • There will be no meetings for the next two weeks given the Easter break and the BSSC Dinner on April 12th
  • April 16th we will be hosting the Adventure in Technology attendees at our meeting
  • The Badge, Shield, Star and Citizen (BSSC) Awards Dinner tickets are available from Gary R. or on-line at Picatic:  
       Rotary Badge Shield Star & Citizen Awards
                April 12, 2018 - Prairieland Park, Hall A 
  • District Assembly Training will take place all day Saturday, April 28th. This session is ideal for Club Officers and Board Members. The RI Theme and Vision will be shared by District Governor Elect Wayne Thompson along with presentations on various Rotary programs including Shelter Box and new member retention.
  • Regrettably Al M. had a recent slip and fall and is recovering from his injuries. We miss him and his very insightful Archival displays. Get well soon Al.
  • Dave S. reported on the Masters Golf Pool, asking for volunteers to attend and notify other Clubs of the event, a major fundraiser.  Entry Forms and payments are due by April 4th.
  • Dave S. also informed us of the upcoming Curry Night with the following recent email message: “If you like South Asian foods have we got a deal for you.  Maureen Torr's program in support of Joy's Centre is having a food and fellowship fundraising dinner on March 30th (8:30 PM).  Tickets are $20.  The restaurant is putting on a wonderful buffet and you're invited. (Swadesh Restaurant 2107 22nd St. West, Saskatoon). Call Dave S. for tickets - cell 306-715-0994 or text address for delivery. You can also just make a donation if you want.  Just let me know and I will arrange pick-up.”
  • Joanne F. (Welcome back Joanne!) spoke to the King George School Project reading program which is being planned again for this year. Volunteers are needed and a criminal check form will be required, that can also be obtained on-line.
Sergeant Steve W. did his usual masterful job culling coins from the currying crowd. Fines were raised for a variety of infractions and H/S events:
  • Those lucky enough to have their streets plowed
  • Sgt. Steve addressing President Mark as “Pastor Mark”, but we were all too scared to bring this to his attention for fear of his resulting wrath and the retaliatory multiple fines he would no doubt inflict upon us all
  • Tiger Woods' standing in the Masters Golf Pool
  • Sad for Steve’s dog that passed away
  • Mike L. for his lavish trip to Panama, but leaving him with only $1 left in his pocket
  • Wayne S. for helpful passersby who fixed his vehicle from water damage on a Calgary trip
  • Gary R. for those many members who support grocery card sales
  • Peter Z. for attending the Honourable W. Thomas Malloy’s installation as our new Lieutenant Governor
  • Wayne Z. for his Birthday and 30+ skiing trips and ski lessons he taught this winter
  • Graham for his Dad’s 92nd Birthday, but also receiving a smacking fine for “Bearding” all winter
Today’s Presentation - YMCA
Member Dean Dodge, CEO of the YMCA spoke to the Club today about this iconic organization. The YMCA focusses on multiple areas of community wellness including its well-known fitness and gym facilities, but also valuable services in Child Care, Youth and Adult programs, Summers camps, Leadership training and Aquatics.
The YMCA is a volunteer based organization, and Dean highlighted how volunteering has changed over the past several decades. Statistics show there are 1 million less volunteers in Canada today versus several decades ago. But now volunteering comes in different forms such as steak nights, ethical funds and special event participation. A third of Canadians do still volunteer, with Company group participation and Family group efforts becoming more popular.
With the YMCA, volunteers often times come from the parent ranks of the kids who are involved in its many programs.
With this shift in volunteerism much needed services such as board memberships are getting harder to find.
Dean highlighted the Y’s recent fundraising success of achieving $140,000 of new capital for its camps, swim programs and day programs. He also went on to talk about Brand awareness, noting that the YMCA brand is well known for its fitness programs but not as much for its many other valuable offerings.
He cited Habitat for Humanity as a similar success story in Branding with much recognition about their build projects, while not as much is known about their other programs.
Partnering between Rotary and the YMCA on major events is another great concept to multiply results. The YMCA Community outreach program has been critical in getting this sort of message into the community. Dean reminded us of our close links to the YMCA and about the plaque in their building thanking the Rotary Club for its help in building the current location in 1969.
The YMCA wants to stay in its present downtown location notwithstanding any plans for a new Arena in Saskatoon.
Dean proudly boasted that the YMCA is in great shape with more adult members now than ever before, and while fitness is still its prime focus, it also provides 190 spots for child care in several locations around the City. In fact the YMCA is the largest child care provider in the Province.
Thank you Dean for a most informative presentation on this historic organization.