As part of our club's continued work in supporting our community’s well-being and resilience, the Rotary Club of Saskatoon is honored to have allocated $40,000 from our centennial anniversary funds to the development of the Space on H (formally called the "Victoria Park Recreation Facility"). This initiative supports the revitalization of a key urban space into an energy-efficient hub for food security, cultural programming, recreational activities, the askîy urban agriculture internship program, and more!
In 2002, staff, students and administrators at Mount Royal Collegiate in Saskatoon began to address violence, intimidation and bullying that had escalated to the point that it was affecting everyone. Attendance, academic performance, school dropout, and the school culture had been negatively impacted. School suspensions were not effective, and it was time to find a proactive approach that would benefit the 1,600 students, staff and surrounding community.

Through their safe house and programs Hope Restored helps women escape sexual exploitation and trafficking. Hope Restored programs offer a safe environment which helps with their healing, transformation, personal growth and hope.

The St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program builds on our proud tradition of community service by bringing the benefits of pet companionship to both children and adults that are hospitalized, adults residing in long term care facilities, children struggling with reading, adult and child victims of trauma and crime, students stressed from school challenges and individuals in homeless shelters. 
Vulnerable people find safe sanctuary at the Saskatoon Friendship Inn, a community centre that evolved from a soup kitchen. The Inn has created a welcoming environment by committing to being responsive and compassionate, and to fostering a sense of belonging among children, youth and adults who experience poverty, with a no-questions-asked policy.
The five Rotary Clubs of Saskatoon and Rotaract are again pleased to present a very exciting and rewarding opportunity for selected high school students across Western Canada.  ADVENTURES IN TECHNOLOGY will involve up to 37 high school students (32 from out of own) in an intense four and one-half day exploration of advanced technology, research, development and applications.